Synthetic Roofing

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Synthetic Roofing

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Synthetic Roofing is probably one of the best roofing products on the market. Impact resistant to hail and unlike metal does not scratch plus dent free. It's a beautiful product and looks like new 25 years down the road. If your looking for something unique and last a lifetime this is the product for your. If we could install this on every roof there would be no more roofing jobs available in our near future! Book an appointment with us to go over all the different options available for your beautiful homes roof.

Unique to say the least & beautiful.

Mimics slate & split shake roofing without the maintenance.

Better than metal roofs & does not scratch or dent from falling branches or dropping of tools.

Lighter and easier to install than other high end materials & as durable as stone.

Polymer-based Composition is the material synthetic roofs are made of. Simply put they are a mixture of rubber and plastic and will make your roof the best roof on the block!

Helpful Hints & Red Flags to watch out for

Yes they come with a price tag which on average is more expensive than metal roofs.

That my friends is the only negative issue that we have with the synthetic roofing systems

Make sure you Ice & Water the entire roof with a high grade ice & water membrane. Grace I&W or Owens Corning Flex work great and seal around nails that penetrate through it.