Is Your Roof in Rough Shape?

Is Your Roof in Rough Shape?

Arrange for roof repair or replacement services in Howell, MI

Ready to replace your rickety roof? Need your gutters repaired? Choose DK Renovations LLC for roof replacement and repair services in the Howell, MI area. We can inspect your roof, pinpoint any damage and tell you if it needs to be repaired or replaced. If it's beyond repair, our roofers can remove your old roof safely and install a durable asphalt shingle or metal roof in its place. You can also trust us to replace faulty gutters and broken chimney caps.

Call 248-357-6631 right away to get roof repair or replacement services. We can help you choose stylish asphalt shingles that will enhance the appearance of your home.

Leave roof repairs to the pros

DK Renovations does roof repair and replacement work in Howell, MI. Whether you need an asphalt shingle roof installed or a metal roof repaired, our experts can handle it. You can rely on us to repair your roof if it's:

  • Leaking
  • Blistering
  • Shrinking or sagging
  • Missing shingles or granules
  • Covered in standing water

Contact us today with any questions about asphalt or metal roofing. Asphalt shingles come in a wide variety of styles and colors.