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Metal Roofs

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Metal roofs add a pleasing appeal to your home & possibly can increase the value as well or at the very least help sell the home quickly. There are a variety of metal roofing systems to choose from. We have standing seam metal roofs to metal shingles now. At DK Renovations LLC we can go through all of the experiences we have had in the past with all the metal roofing products we have installed or have done repair work on. Not all metal roofing products work well with certain roofs or up here in Michigan. We are fare, honest & we will lead you in the right directions!

If you take care of them they can last 50 years plus.

They add a beautiful curb appeal to your home

They are very durable & reflect solar radiant heat, which can reduce cooling costs 10-25%

Metal roofs will not spark and ignite into flames during lighting strikes or near by fires

They are Environmentally friendly. Metal roofs not only have 25-95% recycled content, but are also 100% recyclable at the end of their life as a roof.

They are great for going over one layer of shingles. The only product that we would recommend as a second layer for your roof.

Helpful Hints & Red Flags to watch out for

They are expensive: 2.5 to 3.5 times as much as an Asphalt roofing system.

They should not be installed on complicated roof lines.

They are extremely hard to repair & hard to walk on.
Durable, YES, but they are sheets of thin metal and do dent very easily as well as very easy to scratch.

They do need maintenance! They expand & contract and they need cleaning as well.

The Bid Advertising Companies. They are typically 5 time the cost of an Asphalt roofing system! The application is similar to installing shingles. Unfortunately it is the flashing around your walls and chimney that needs the special attention that most of these companies just don't even do. Removed whole metal roofs due to this