A lot of roofing leaks are caused by gutters. We use gutters to keep the water out of our basements, driveways, flower beds & most importantly we love gutters to keep that waterfall of rain from coming down off of our roofs and on to are heads or down the back of our necks as we are walking into out home during those torrential downpours. Unfortunately gutters come with a price because they are hard to maintain. They collect everything that falls onto your roof and stores that debris until they are cleaned out & if they are not cleaned out the water will back up under the shingles and cause leaks. Especially in the winter time when we get those famous Ice Dams that we all know so much about here in our great state of Michigan.

So how do we keep our gutters from causing leaks in our home? Obviously one way is to get on the roof or use a ladder and scoop all the debris out every year, which we all know more people get hurt doing this than any other project on a home, or we use Gutter guards (leaf guard, gutter screen, gutter helmet...etc) to help us remedy us of this problem. So now you have to find the right gutter guard treatment for your gutters.

Some of us go to home depot or the local hardware store and pick up one of their inexpensive gutter guard systems that last one to two years before they ultimately fall into the gutters or break apart. Worse yet, you get a gutter helmet system, that has a hefty price tag, that blocks 90% of the gutter so every time we get a nice hard rain almost all of the rain just goes right over top of the helmet and out past the gutters completely rendering them useless, plus they hold debris in the front cavity and then the 10% you do have left to collect rain water is also blocked up. Either way this is all time and money thrown out the window!

Now, lets be perfectly frank, there is no perfect gutter or gutter guard solution out there. They all will always require cleaning & maintenance. Your gutters and gutter guards are con-stantly working and taking a beating. Whether its from the oils from the shingles, the debris from your trees, the dust in the air or the constant expanding and contracting of the gutter and gutter guard system you have installed on your home, they will need some tender loving care.

At DK Renovations LLC we searched high & low for the best gutter guard system in the market. We have had many upon many failed attempts in finding the right gutter guards that actually work & have zero gimmicks behind them and do the job that they were intended to do. We are proud to install the Leaf Solution Brand gutter guards, they have a great product and a the best accessories to help make your job come out perfect. Let’s take a look below and see what they have to offer.