Flat Roofs

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Flat Roofs

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Let's tear off the existing material & start over! Typically everyone keeps going over old flat application roofing material and in the end we get a mess with a lot of structural damage. We have some great systems for your flat roofs & we can take care of all your structural problems too!

We install flat roofs on commercial, old residential, industrial & residential new construction homes.

We have many different applications for your flat application roofing project to choose from. Let us walk you through your different options.

We have some great 2ply & 3 ply systems that nothing can get through for you low pitch roofing systems

Helpful hints & Red Flags to watch out for

Watch installing EPDM systems on low pitch residential roofs. They don't work well with most homes and they trap moisture underneath them causing extensive damage to your structure

Stay away from torch down products...5 years down the road they are a mess.

Your flat roof leaking everywhere? Then remove that old system and install a new system. Don't try to recoat it with roof coatings. They cost a lot of money to do and never hold up for very long.

You get what you pay for with flat roofing materials. Stay away from the cheap products.