Asphalt Roofing

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Asphalt Roofing

At It's Finest Level Of Quality

Complete shingle tear-offs are your best bet for a great roofing system. With are favorite shingle manufacturer, Owens Corning, & our superb crews who take there time in running the shingles straight and installing the roofing nails in the correct location indicated on the shingle, DK Renovations has you covered!

We do roof repairs 12 months out of the year. We know what roofs need to survive in Michigan's harsh weather.

We install kickouts, pans, new counter flashing, new apron flashing. You will be amazed most companies don't!

We install our shingles straight & install our nails in the correct location on the shingles. The latter being, by far, the most important detail of having a healthy shingle system. No one ever mentions that!

From doing repairs we can safely say it's over 90% of homes that shingles are installed improperly. This voids out all warranties including those amazing 50 year warranties the big sales companies are pushing these days.

The greatest benefit here is that we know the most common mistake that causes homeowners the most problems down the road.

Helpful hints & Red Flags to watch out for

Salesman that pull up in a car! This is supposed to be a Roofing Company? Usually pressure sales men or kids with little knowledge of roofing.
Watch out for the 50 year warranty schemes. Have you ever seen a roof last over 25 years...not many! Metal Roofs with a lot of TLC can last 50 years.

These brands: IKO, BP, Tamko ...they keep us very busy during wind storms! Good for our Repair Service team.

High prices & low monthly payments. You will be paying for 3 new roofs instead of just 1! Focus on the total amount and not just the low payments. These are unsecured loans so the quicker you pay them off the more your going to save. We finance but we guide you in the right direction and don't spike up our prices to do so.

Asphalt shingles are the biggest bang for your buck!