Let our maintenance professionals take care of your roof year-round with a yearly contract. With the change of seasons comes different types of weather that can wreak havoc on your roof. With a yearly contract, you can rest easy knowing that we will keep your roof looking fantastic 365 days a year without you having to do any work!

During summer, even if you have a great summer that’s all sunshine, (which is rare!) your roof will undoubtedly suffer at least one type of damage. UV rays alone can cause your roof to crack and while there’s nothing you can do to protect the roof from sunshine, regular maintenance can keep it in tact and looking great.

Snow, sleet, rain, and ice are some other culprits known to damage the roof severely. During winter, accumulated snow and ice may result in collapsing roof. Moreover, collected snow on roof acts like a sponge — it absorbs sleet and rain — adding weight on your roof. Ice dam formation on roof is another common condition in winter, it may lead to water seepage through the roof.

Hail is another phenomenon that can cause roof damage. Hail typically comes along with thunderstorms – which usually means lightning. If lightning strikes objects near your home and they fall into your roof, it can crack and get damaged.

With a yearly contract of our services, your roof will remain well maintained and looking good.


  • Cleaning Out Your Gutters: Never worry about having to clean the leaves out of your gutters again! Let us take care of it for you.
  • Checking For And Repairing Loose Shingles: Our professionals will make sure that your shingles are in place.
  • Re-Caulking Exposed Nails Or Counter Flashing: Counter flashing is waterproofing method required at the area of your roof that meets the walls. If any part of this area needs repairs, our team will spot it and take care of it during your routine maintenance.
  • Fastening Fascia: Fascia is visible to casual observers looking at your home. We will keep this area, just like the rest, looking the best!
  • Painting Your Soil Stacks: The soil stacks are typically visible below and above the roof. We will keep the paint on your soil stacks fresh.

After we are finished with your appointment, we will provide you full details about our findings to provide you with full peace of mind. With a yearly contract, our routine roof maintenance will keep your roof completely in-tact and looking great seven days a week 365 days a year. Never lift a finger for roof maintenance again!

Scheduling for appointments is weather permitted. Contact us today with any questions and to schedule your first appointment and let’s get your roof in tip-top shape!