Gutter Cleaning


The overall purpose of having a solid roof constructed is to keep nature’s elements from leaking inside. Rain gutters are necessary to properly distribute accumulated water and prevent unwanted erosion. But even the best rain gutter is vulnerable to inconvenient clogs. As the seasons change, leaves and other fallen debris gather inside the troughs, and interfere with disposal of water. Ordinarily, a quick solution is to simply climb up a ladder and sufficiently clear them of all obstructions. However, some residents aren’t physically capable of doing so. Where are they to turn?

Fortunately, here at DK Roofing Solutions, we offer an annual comprehensive cleaning service. With a qualified team, we keep an owner’s roof in top condition, drastically prolonging its lifespan. Depending on the program you choose, our certified team follow a roof preventative maintenance checklist and provide our participants with professional maintenance tips.

It’s important to understand that this service is subject to change its date of completion depending on the weather conditions. Either way, when we’re asked to perform a service, we always deliver. On these scheduled cleaning sessions our competent teams will inspect the gutters and diagnose any problems with the roof. If additional services are necessary, then we will write an estimate that covers both the damages and the cost to fix them.

Another benefit of using our cleaning services is that we document every session. This can greatly improve a potential buyer’s impression if it comes time to place the house on the market.

To prevent fraudulent intruders, our teams wear assigned uniforms and one of our offices will confirm the order, date, and time of service beforehand.

Besides thoroughly cleaning all of the rain gutters, we check for loose or damaged shingles (fixing when necessary), paint soil stacks, fasten fascia wherever needed and re-caulk exposed nails. It’s important to us that our customers have complete trust in our ability to protect their roof. We never cut corners and we’re always one hundred percent honest when documenting both potential and immediate problems.

It should be noted that homes exceeding 2,000 square feet or that are over an 8 pitch may be subject to additional charges.

As an added incentive to spread the word regarding our quality service, an individual can earn a fifty dollar Visa gift card after the referral signs up for the annual maintenance program.