Rooftop Snow Removal

DK Roofing Solutions will provide high quality and exceptional rooftop snow removal in order to ensure your roof is safe from ice buildup that can cause Ice Dams. Ice Dams will cause damage to roofs and may cause leaks if untreated.

Why do I need rooftop snow removal for my roof?


Do you need rooftop snow removal?

Everyone will agree that when that first snowfall hits, it can be beautiful and fun.  What’s not beautiful is the more snow we get - the heavier it gets - and that can present a danger to your roof.

The longer the snow sits the heavier it gets. When snow starts to melt it turns to ice and can cause Ice Dams. As additional snow falls it will continue this process and that will add weight to your roof.  The more weight on your roof the bigger chance you will have of leaks and depending on the age and condition of your roof it could collapse. That's when you need roof snow removal services. DK Roofing provides Roof Snow Removal Service.

Even though you can remove the snow yourself, it would be best to hire a professional roofing service. The cost of hiring a roofing service to handle your snow removal will outweigh the consequences of either having a collapsed, leaky roof, ice dams forming or falling off your roof. Whichever way you decide to go it is very important to address the problem as soon as possible before the stress of the weight of the snow causes structural damage.

Ice dams can’t form without snow.  If you’re able to prevent ice dams, you’re far more likely to prevent your roof from leaking and damaging the inside of your home.



Why should you use a Professional?

When arriving at many homes that have previously had either Ice Dams or snow removal we see damage from improper removal procedures...from banged up gutters to torn off shingles, we have seen it all. We use the right tools and the right material to help make this procedure easier on you and your roof.

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