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What your insurance company is looking for?

When your home is damaged, whether its hail, tree, fire or water and you have contacted your insurance company, they will send out an adjuster to scope out the damage done to your home.  For hail, in particular, they are looking for prominent damage to your roof shingles. The adjuster is looking for shingles with dark spots where granules have been knocked off.  It is a good idea to contact your insurance company immediately after a hail storm.  Most insurance companies have a time frame of 1 year for you to file a claim.

Insurance Company Payments

If your roof need  roof repair or any other parts of your home have sustained any damages weather related, your insurance company will cover the cost of your roof and any other damages minus your deductible. They will generally pay for the repair of your roof and other damages in two installments. The first check you receive will be for materials to start the job to fix the damages.  

The second check will be sent once your insurance company receives the final invoice for the remaining amount due.  Sometimes there can be discrepancies in the cost, the scope of the damage was done and roof size between the homeowner and the insurance company. If this happens our representatives at DK Roofing Solutions will contact your insurance company to resolve these issues to make this process easy for you as possible.  Home roof replacement we specialize in.

DK Roofing Solutions Invoicing and Payments

Once we receive the first check from your insurance company we will order all material to complete your job. Once we have completed with your roof and any other repairs, we will send you the final invoice showing any payments already made. We will also email or fax the final invoice over to your insurance company so they can start the process to send out the second payment. DK Roofing Solutions are insurance repair experts.

Mortgage Company Procedures

Insurance repair experts will sometimes include the homeowners name and mortgage companies name on the checks. In this case, the mortgage company requires the homeowner to endorse the check and then send that check into them. Check with your mortgage company on their procedures and what documentation they need to release the funds. Some mortgage companies require an inspection after the work has been completed before releasing any remaining funds. In this case, once the work has been completed you will want to contact them immediately.  Our DK Roofing Solutions representatives can assist you with this process since we are familiar with these requirements. Once they receive the check from the homeowner they will sign and release the funds back to the homeowner to pay the contractor for the work done.

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