Windows | Pella

Replacing your existing windows can bring about a wide variety of enhancements to your home. From energy savings to an updated curb appeal, replacement windows are nearly always a worthwhile investment in your property.

Pella is a leading manufacturer of replacement and new windows for commercial and residential properties. By having us remove your old windows, and install their replacements, you can be assured of a top quality installation by professional craftsmen, who want the homeowner to be satisfied with the work and the products they’re providing.

DK Roofing Solutions offers Pella Windows, long known for their energy efficiency and smart looks. Did you know, replacing the windows in your home can actually reduce the costs of keeping your home at a comfortable temperature? When you choose Pella Energy Star rated windows to replace the single pane windows that your builder installed in your home, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that you can save from $125-$340 a year in a 2000 square foot home. If your home is larger, the savings only go up!

Not only will new windows save you money over the older windows that are being replaced, they’ll enhance your home’s look as well. Imagine never having to scrape and paint your wooden window frames again. With color that won’t chip off or peel, your windows will keep your home’s appearance sharp, year after year.

From the initial in-home quote, to the final installation and clean up, DK Roofing Solutions is the only name you need to know for window replacement in Michigan. Look around your neighborhood; we’ve probably done some work for someone you know!

Once you’ve made an appointment to have our professional consultant come out, they’ll be glad to show you the wide range of Pella Windows that are available for your home. We offer options in nearly every price range, and you can make selections based on a wide variety of criteria. Whether you’re most concerned about energy efficiency or, if your primary concern is an updated, modern look for your home, our highly knowledgeable consultants can help you choose the right replacement windows.

Concerned about the environment? Have no fear, DK Roofing Solutions is here! Since 1925, Pella has been manufacturing windows using environmentally sound and conservative processes. Using sustainable forest practices and maximizing recycling options, their products are not only made to last, but are environmentally friendly.

DK Roofing Solutions is proud to partner with Pella, offering their windows to our customers, knowing that we’re selling and installing a product that will last as long as your home will.