DK Roofing Solutions is a siding contractor that installs all Natural wood siding as well as the siding listed below. We understand how important the exterior of your home is and we want to help you choose the right one to fit your needs.

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Certainteed Shake & Shingle
Name Type DocumentS
certainteed-1 Straight Edge Shingle Cedar Impressions View PDF
certainteed-2Staggered Shingle Cedar Impressions View PDF
certainteed-3 Straight Edge Split Shakes Cedar Impressions View PDF
certainteed-4 Staggered Rough Split shakes Cedar Impressions View PDF
certainteed-5 Half Round Shingle Cedar Impressions View PDF
certainteed-6 Straight Edge Split Shake Cedar Impressions View PDF
certainteed-7 Staggered Rough Split Shake Cedar Impressions View PDF
certainteed-8 CedarBoards Insulated Horizontal View PDF
certainteed-9 Cedarboards XL Insultated Horizontal View PDF
certainteed-10 Monogram Horizontal View PDF
certainteed-11 Mongram XL Horizontal View PDF
certainteed-12 Restoration classic Horizontal View PDF
certainteed-13 Carolina beaded Horizontal View PDF
certainteed-14 mainstreet Horizontal View PDF
certainteed-15 wolverine american legend Horizontal View PDF
certainteed-16 encore Horizontal View PDF
certainteed-17 Cedarboards insulated board & Batton Vertical View PDF
certainteed-18 Board & Batten Vertical View PDF
certainteed-19 Chamfer board Vertical View PDF
certainteed-20 triple Vertical View PDF
certainteed-21 ironmax Vertical View PDF
certainteed-22 Beaded triple Vertical View PDF
certainteed-23 universal triple Vertical View PDF
Name Type DocumentS
boral-1 shiplap Siding View PDF
boral-2 channel bevel Siding View PDF
boral-3 channel Siding View PDF
boral-4 v-rustic Siding View PDF
boral-5 cove/dutch lap Siding View PDF
boral-6 trim trim View PDF
boral-7 bead board trim View PDF
boral-8skirt board trim View PDF
LP smartside Building products
Name Type DocumentS
lp-1 trim & fascia trim View PDF
lp-2 lap trim View PDF
lp-3 panel siding View PDF
lp-4 cedar shake siding View PDF
lp-5 soffit siding View PDF

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