Common roofing problems

Common Roof Problems

From roof shingle problems to flat roof problems, your roof is the most neglected area of your home and is one of the most viewed areas.  As roof repair contractor, we can help identify the key problems and provide you with roof repair cost.  Damage to your rooftop-thumbroof can be unforeseen and is not uncommon, but can be a huge issue if untreated. We recommend inspecting your roof on a regular basis so you become aware of any minor or major issues. When inspecting your home you will want to look for the following:

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” And while he plausibly spent many hours with a kite on a roof during rainstorms, he could not have been more accurate in describing the maintenance of one’s home. Roof problems only get worse over time. Roof damage only gets more severe without repair. And roof repairs only get more expensive without quick response. Doing regular roof inspections is the only intervention in the cycle of roof problems-damages-repairs that can leave you frustrated, broke, and wet.

Common Roof Problems

Roof Leaks / Moisture

There are many causes for common roof leaking problems and moisture. These can be created by:

Storms (Hail/Wind/Rain/Snow) – Storms allow moisture to make its way under the layers of your roof, causing leaks, mold, and rotting.

Snow/Ice Dams – The heavier the snow gets can present a danger to your roof. When the snow melts it turns to ice and can cause ice dams. As additional snow falls it will continue this process and that will add weight to your roof. The more weight on your roof the bigger chance you will have of leaks and depending on the age and condition of your roof it could collapse. You will want to address this issue as soon as possible before the stress of the weight of the snow and ice cause structural damage. Making sure you have proper ventilation will decrease issues with ice dams.

Ventilation – Ventilation for your roof and attic is an integral part of making your roof last. With the proper ventilation, you can prevent moisture and ice dams from forming. Adequate ventilation will regulate the temperature and moisture levels in your attic. If you do not have the proper ventilation both moisture and heat can build up causing damage to the sheathing, insulation, shingles, can lead to mildew and mold and raise your cost of energy.

Mother Nature – As we said before, storms are very hard on your roof. Trees that hang over your roof can rub against the shingles wearing away the protective top layer. Falling branches will also create even more serious damage. If you have trees that overhang it is recommended you keep them trimmed back from your roof as much as possible. Birds, small animals, and insects will do a surprising amount of damage. Birds such as woodpeckers will make small holes along your eaves looking for insects to eat. Those insects such as carpenter ants, termites, and other gnawing insects will tunnel and chew their way through your eaves and fascia around your roof. Animals like raccoons will pull up your shingles and your flashing to find a way into your attic.


Flashing – Flashing is pieces of metal used to prevent water from seeping around the corner of your roofs such as chimneys, pipes or valleys. The flashing can fail over time causing roof leaks.

Fascia – Fascia are pieces of wood or metal that runs horizontally and is situated vertically under the roof edge, in other words, and simpler terms it is considered roof trim or the front board along the roof line. The fascia’s primary function is to protect by acting as a layer between the roof edge and the elements of weather, especially water. Moisture is the leading cause of issues with your fascia.

Valleys – Valleys are where two separate planes of your roof intersect. Valleys act as rivers on your roof. These areas handle large amounts of fast-moving water during storms and will cause damage if not properly installed.


As a homeowner, you will want to check your gutters on a regular basis. Broken and or clogged gutters or downspouts can back up water and seep into your eaves causing wood to rot and can cause water leakage into your home as the water backs up. You will want to clean your gutters out yearly as it can lead to stagnant water build up, which will become a breeding ground for mosquitos and allows grass and weeds to grow inside. We recommend investing in gutter guards to prevent any of these issues from happening.

Nail Pops/Improper Nailing

For a roofing system to work properly it is essential that your shingles are nailed in the designated areas. If not properly nailed can cause nail pops which can allow the shingle to lift and potentially blow off. Other causes for nail pops can be the contractor did not use the correct nail, the shingles were not nailed tightly, also the changes in temperature can make the shingle contract and expand. There are many causes for nail pops, but the most important thing is to take care of them as soon as possible to avoid further damage and Roofing Problems.

Unsatisfactory Workmanship

One of the most common problems or common reasons for problems is workmanship. A faulty installation increases the odds of having roof leaks problems and reduces the roof system’s life expectancy. Poor installation are things that can be difficult to visually see when up on your roof but could lead to future roof repair problems.

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