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What sets us apart from our competitors, is we have years of experience in the field doing the work.

Serving Livingston County.  We are your expert for residential roofing services, installing professional, quality roofing systems. Also, Interior services including Kitchens, Bathrooms, Finished Basements and Interior Renovations. Not to mention, Exterior services that includes Windows, Siding, Decks, Renovations, Additions and Out Buildings. We are experienced and affordable and take pride in our work, and in our reputation. You will find that we are honest and fair and that your needs are most important to us. Craftsmanship, superior service and integrity have been our tradition for over 25 years. From working in the field to overseeing million dollar construction projects, our team has done it all. We feel with these two important components we have been very successful. Our family has enjoyed being in the construction business for generations and will succeed in the generations ahead.  

We hope you’ll consider DK Roofing & Construction Co. for your next project and see what 25 years of experience and dedication have to offer.

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High-quality installation, superior communication, and competitive pricing are the key elements of our affordable roofing success in residential roofing. We are fully licensed and insured and offer free estimates with no obligation. Contact DK Roofing & Construction Co. today to learn how we can help you!      

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Roofing Repair Contractors - Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What about Warranties?

DK Roofing Solutions is a preferred roofing contractor with 4 different manufacturers. That enables us to give you the best warranties on the market. Warranties will be based upon the type of shingle you choose and are fully transferable.

Q: I received several estimates to replace my roof and the prices vary?

If any estimate you receive seems low and too good to be true, then it probably is. Many roofing contractors perform standard roofing repair work and are often uninsured. If you are having trouble reading the estimate, make sure to ask the roofing company contractor to break down the estimate into terms you can understand. At DK Roofing Solutions we have competitive prices, we are insured and our estimates are spelled out so the homeowner can understand what they are getting.

Q: Our contractor installed the underlayment (felt covering) two weeks ago and has not installed the singles. How long can the felt covering be exposed without getting damaged?

The critical issue is not time, it’s the condition of the underlayment that is important. Buckled or wrinkled felt should be replaced so the shingles will lay flat.

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Q: Can ice damming and backup occur without gutters?

Yes, it can. It can happen more on roofs with lower slopes, especially in valleys and upslope from chimneys, penetrations and curbs. Just ask us you Local Roofing Company.

Q: Will it harm my asphalt shingles if I use melting pellets to melt the snow on my roof?

The chemical compounds in most melting pellets do not reduce the overall service life span of the shingle. What may occur is staining until all the residue is washed away. Magnesium and Calcium chloride are less harsh and will stain less than sodium chloride.

Q: Tear off vs. Roof Over?

Although allowed to, roof over it is not recommended. When you roof over it does not provide the same quality of roof or the same level of security that a new roofing system will. Warranties also play a big role in new roofing systems. Manufacturers will not warranty product failure if the roof was installed over a substrate that is not smooth, flat and clean. What this means is, if anything under the roof causes the new roof on top to fail, there will be no warranty to replace or repair.

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